It’s been so long since I last posted here. I know! Finding something note worthy to share is harder than I imagined. So with this much time in between posts, it better be good. No pressure!

In the last few months, I’ve seen a lot of aggressive marketing on buses, or trains, or even on Skype (those targeted ads that are almost on the verge of stalking).

However, I’ve found that convenience is the best at attracting customers. Okay, well at least me. Why? Well, because of convenience, I started using two new services, HelloFresh and Graze.

These two companies are very popular here in the UK, for their natural food and healthy eating vibes.

hello fresh
HelloFresh. Source: Google Images.

HelloFresh focuses on farm to table, and literally brings the food to my table.. well door but you get the point.

Awesomely healthy brownie from Graze (Source:

Similarly, Graze gives customers the option to have healthy snacks, all natural and preservative free. Again, straight to my door. Accessibility and convenience.


But how exactly did convenience get me to give these companies a shot?

Well, both HelloFresh and Graze understood the theory behind consumer buying criterion (Jobber, 2010). I know. This theory constantly appears (See Debonair). Clearly it’s a basis for success.

In this case, both companies knew that customers are attracted to convenient food and not just convenient food, but healthy convenient food. HelloFresh offers customers the opportunity to make healthy food by giving them clear recipes and exact portions. There are no issues with messy measuring or sourcing the ingredients, which is what differentiates HelloFresh from traditional supermarkets and recipe books. There’s nothing to do but follow the recipe. Easy meals in a just a few simple steps. You can be your own Master Chef.

Not only did these two companies use convenience, they also used the concept of “free”. Major coupons and discounts, left right and center. During my trial of HelloFresh, I received 2 coupons for friends to have an entire delivery for free. Same for Graze. I can’t count the number of coupons that I have.

Just a few of the coupons that I’ve “collected” from Graze.

Your first thought would be but how can they keep going by giving people free products ?

Well that’s the catch, just like  in my previous post, free isn’t really free. By signing up to get a free delivery, you automatically join a recurring payment every week, for future deliveries. Which again, is great for convenience. My little Graze box is a fun surprise every Friday and it is super cheap.You can cancel at any time before the cut off for the next order (that cut off period is a whole different article in itself).

And that’s exactly how it works, just like theory says. You pay attention to what makes your customers purchase the things they do, and use that to ensure that they purchase your products.

Clearly, these companies know how customers think. They wouldn’t be the major successes they are, without it.

Who says theory wasn’t useful?

For free graze boxes, use the reference: R9DMW5GPB on

Give graze a try. Free right?

For HelloFresh discounts, click here.

I know, the irony. After all, the best promotion is word of mouth.

See you next time x.



Jobber, D. 2010. Principles and Practice of Marketing.6th ed. Berkshire: McGraw-Hill Education