With the hype over the new Beyoncé album, Lemonade, I just had to write an article. No it’s not about if I think Jay-Z cheated or not (No, I don’t) and with whom. It’s about a very simple idea: Association.

By releasing that album, Beyoncé single-handedly saved Tidal from being washed away (I know, excuse the pun). But how? In two steps:

1. Entice people by using Beyoncé’s highly anticipated album that you can’t get anywhere else but at Tidal (Initially before release on iTunes over 24 hours later at a higher price).

2. Create the drama that keeps you coming back.

That’s exactly what brand association is about. Brand association is defined as “the attributes of a brand which come into consumers mind when the brand is talked about” (Management Study Guide, 2013). You say Beyonce, you think Tidal (and vice versa). The drama is just icing on the cake.

You can see that it really works. You automatically trust a company due to your trust in another company. Remember, with HelloFresh, I started using Graze because it was recommended by HelloFresh and I got a free coupon. The free coupon was again, more icing. It makes an offer completely irresistible to customers because of that trust, that we aren’t even aware that we have, in products. Think about it. When you first tried a brand, maybe something as simple as a new spaghetti sauce, or even toilet paper, you repeated your purchase if you liked it. Two years later, and you still purchase the same brand or at least have a high opinion of it (assuming you continued to like it). If someone asks you if they should buy it, you’d hands down recommend it. If the brand brought out a new product line, you wouldn’t hesitate  for a second because of the brand. That’s all brand association and how companies build up their brand.

But this isn’t anything new. Companies have been using this method for years. For instance, Coca-cola was on to it in the 1990’s.

michael jordan
Coca Cola Advert with Michael Jordan in 1991. Who wouldn’t want to be awesome like him? Drink Coca Cola. Source: Google Images

If Basketball Legend Michael Jordan drinks Coca Cola, then of course, you know people are going to want to drink it too.

It’s a basic concept that was founded in theory and you know that it works. As the Facebook posts and speculation about Beyoncé flood the internet and the album Lemonade rakes in $3 million USD a day via Tidal, yea, it definitely works (Ingham, 2016).


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As always, these pictures are not my own. Sourced via Google Images.


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